WDV221 Home work

Levi Olson

Unit 1: introduction

Unit 2: variables

Unit 3: functions

Unit 4: Parameters and returns

Unit 5a: External Javascript Functions with Parameters

Unit 5b: Event Handlers

Unit 6: Math Operators and Textfields

Midterm part 1

Midterm part 2

Unit 7a: Compare Names

Unit 7b: Compare Numbers

Unit 8: Loops and While Loops

Unit 9a: Arrays Assignment - Sales Tax Lookup

Unit 9b: Assignment Parallel Array Inventory Management

Unit 10: Changing Presentation with the Style Object

Skill Test: Arrays and Loops

Skill Test: Form Validation

Skill Test: High Low Game

Skill Test: Lookup

Dice Game

Consider using the console and inspecting the source to understand what these pages are doing